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About Us


UAB Aurita is a Financial Management Services Center

Our goal is:

To provide professional and innovative approach-based financial management services that assist in making critical business and personal financial decisions and achieve the best results

Why is it worth collaborating with us?

Full financial management

We carry out individual financial accounting, tax and financial management work, and we can also offer the integrity of these services – from daily financial accounting to complex financial decisions.

Expert team

Our employees are highly qualified specialists who are constantly improving and updating their knowledge to successfully apply the latest modern solutions in the financial management, taxation and legal domains.


We have been working in the financial industry for over 25 years. We are committed to providing the highest quality services, based on our extensive experience with a range of situations requiring innovative solutions.

Digitalized services

We use a variety of innovative information technology tools in order to operate effectively.

A wide range of activities in the field of financial

We work with clients from a range of different fields: information technology, artificial intelligence, lasers, real estate development, construction, insurance, education, medicine, pharmacy, food technology, textile and paper industry.

Services for legal entities and natural persons

We cooperate with legal entities and natural persons. Legal entities are defined as: public limited liability company, private limited liability company, small partnership, association, public institution, groups or holdings. Natural persons can include a family office, self-employment under an individual activity certificate or under a business license.

We work worldwide

Our clients are from Lithuania, the European Union, Great Britain, the United States of America, Ukraine, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and other countries. We also work with Lithuanians who live in other countries.

How will we help you?

We prepare a comprehensive financial management system – from financial accounting to complex business development solutions

We advise on various tax issues and carry out tax risk assessment

We ensure legal compliance of the enterprise in the fields of finance and taxation and can represent you in the state institutions of Lithuania

We carry out continuous financial monitoring and plan the growth of the value of the enterprise

We create a financial accounting guide adapted to the conduct of financial accounting

We administer the family office

Social responsibility

As a socially responsible enterprise we contribute to solving important social problems. We care about the environment, as well as the well-being of our employees and society as a whole.

Environmental social responsibility: we promote sustainability – most of our business processes are digitalised. We sort waste, choose to drive electric cars, and actively participate in social ecological initiatives.

Social responsibility towards employees: we pay careful attention to the social environment of our employees – self-knowledge, professional development and wellness. We are committed to creating a safe and comfortable working environment, and we actively involve our employees in the development of the enterprise’s culture.

Social activities

Our enterprise is a member of Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, the largest, most influential and recognized business organization in Kaunas and Marijampolė regions. We are active in legal, marketing and financial communities.

We cooperate with scientific institutions: universities, colleges. We give lectures to students, helping them to form the right approach to financial management and business. We are involved in the development of financial study programs, and we take a responsible approach to the relations between science and business. We have signed a social partnership contract.

The enterprise has established a nominal scholarship of UAB Aurita for a student of financial studies.

Let’s become a team and strive for the best results together