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Financial Management Solutions

It is important to ensure the integrity of financial management in business. Our finance team provides a comprehensive financial management system – from financial accounting to complex business development solutions.

Proper financial management ensures that enterprise will experience growth in value and achieve the highest results. Ongoing financial monitoring helps the enterprise implement the best business management decisions.

UAB Aurita’s financial department analyses, predicts and implements information technology systems for financial process management. This provides the opportunity to establish both long-term and project-level cooperation agreements when solving the financial management issues of your enterprise.

  • Function of the financial manager
  • Creation of a financial management system 
  • Monitoring of financial management in the enterprise
  • Financial assessment of the enterprise’s activities
  • Strategic and financial evaluation of projects
  • The formation of processes to ensure the increase in the value of the enterprise
  • Preparation of the enterprise for crediting
  • Search for funding sources
  • Preparation of information and documents for crediting
  • Ensuring profitability by forecasting
  • Forecasting of activities
  • Budgeting and preparation
  • Control of budget implementation
  • Revenue and profitability analysis
  • Control of revenue and expenses
  • Cash flow assurance analysis
  • The establishment of a system of indicators to ensure the control of the activities of the enterprise