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For the Lithuanian Diaspora in the World

We provide services covering asset management, life and business creation in Lithuania. These services relate to the acquisition, sale, transfer or inheritance of various types of property, debt management, income received, taxes, declarations and other financial management issues. We can also help you comply with the Lithuanian tax and social environment.

We help to register a new enterprise in Lithuania or expand your existing business to the Lithuanian market.  We are here to make this process as simple as possible – we will take care of business administration in Lithuania.

  • Calculation and declaration of taxes:
     - Taxation of personal income
     - Real estate taxation
     - Commercial income of a private individual (self-employment)
     - Inheritance and its taxation
     - Value added tax (VAT)
  • Establishment of a new enterprise
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses
  • VAT payer registration
  • Business regulatory compliance
  • Creation of management structure
  • Capital management and attraction
  • Prevention of tax disputes
  • Debt management
  • Registration of intellectual property object
  • Preparation of contracts